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[Celeria di Parma] 2022 Collection Saffiano Blue / Burgundy

Model Name: Celeria di Parma Saffiano Blue / Burgundy 30mm

Leather: [CALF SKIN 100%], with a comb pattern on the soft part of the leather It is characterized by durability and scratch resistance.

Strap Length and Width: 1200 x 30 mm

Country of manufacture: Italy

Handling Precautions: Calfskin is a natural material that is sensitive to light, moisture and moisture. In order to keep Celeria DiPharma leather products in perfect condition and to prevent discoloration, products should not be exposed to high temperatures and direct sunlight for long periods of time.
If the product comes into contact with water, immediately dry it by wiping it off with a smooth, soft cloth.
Leather care products are used to maintain the natural softness of leather for a long time.
Please use it and manage it.

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