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Respect you, Respect natrue,
Respect life


The history of Bema, which started in 1965, reflects Italian craftsmanship and ethical philosophy.

It has been and continues to be. Only plant-based substances cultivated in good soil are acceptable to us.

It has been leading the European organic cosmetics market for the past 50 years.


​Safety management

BEMA is persistent about safety  manage

There is. regular for finished products  microbiological testing,

checking the condition of surfaces and equipment;  periodic gun

Microbial count testing, periodically checking for the presence of pathogens

inspected and specially designed  products in the warehouse

storage to prevent deterioration of the product  are preventing.

BEMA puts the safety of all products first.  thinking,

best for customers  safe  We present our products. 



BEMA provides stability through various certifications.

established. 100% eco-friendly organic product  certification,

ICEA certified, for nickel, chromium and cobalt

Test has been completed, and shampoo or cosmetics

A chemical preservative used for long-term storage.

Paraben-free, genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

Haven't used it at all.


​Natural biodegradable product

All BEMA products are

Only raw materials that are easily biodegradable in nature are blended.

BEMA's cosmetics that flowed into the river after use

Residues are rapidly decomposed

Minimize environmental impact.

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