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'We are artisans passinoate about our work with great care for the needs of nature'


Since 1969, Martini SPA has been a protagonist of the sponge production market, and it is the Italian leader in the sector of body care accessories. Our production includes, besides body sponges (of differing shapes, colors and, from now on, perfumes), brushes, strips, gloves. After almost 50 years of history, the enthusiasm and the striving for innovation are still today the driving forces behind the entire Martini Spa company system, from design to production. From the exclusive X-Pand production process we get unique products that can be enriched with fragrant essences and natural active ingredients with cosmetic properties. Extremely soft sponges, able to expand in water thanks to their superior absorbency.


X-PAND technology

Martini SPA's exclusive X-Pand Technology creates one-of-a-kind products that can be enhanced with fragrant essences and natural active ingredients with cosmetic properties. Due to their exceptional absorbency, extremely soft sponges are able to expand in water without the need of hazardous chemicals, blowing agents, catalysts, or solvents.


Eco-friendly materials

With certified organic products packaged in recyclable materials, Martini SPA's dedication to the planet is evident across the board. The ICEA and GOTS certifications ensure that organic product laws are observed not only for raw ingredients but also throughout the whole production chain.



Aiming to guarantee the technological and qualitative properties of its products and ensure full customer satisfaction, MARTINI SPA has received the highest certifications based on the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001/BRC/GOTS.

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